Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back from hiatus and changes are coming!

I believe it’s time to end my well deserved hiatus.

Originally those blog had started as a school project I was obligated to do each week. Writing when I didn’t feel like it, or when I didn’t have time. When I passed the class and was freed from writing on this blog, I ran. The blog had little direction, it was just that I needed to write about a common subject every week. So, being a League fan I chose that as my topic.

With a long time spent thinking and playing, I decided that maybe this blog had something going for it. In terms of direction, I’m going to stick to making opinion, or opinion strategy based content. This means opinions on new champions, champion updates, skins, and general changes to League. Opinion strategy will be loose guides on champions focusing more on strategy than builds. You can look on mobafire for those. And of course, I may even upload some of my own videos. (Now that my game recorder is FINALLY sorted out.)

Because I cannot cover everything I missed, without neglecting what is currently happening I will summarize my opinions this week on what happened during my hiatus. Some of these posts will be on:

Jhin & his release skin.
Aurelion Sol & his release skin.

Taric Update- Champion & Skins.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to be the best support ever for the 2016 season! P1: Who to play.

Support isn't something that I hear a lot of people say they love to play. More often then not in ranked games I get the-
"Anything but support."
"Support isn't a fun role."
"It's too easy, you don't get to do anything."
"You don't make any gold and you just waste what you have on a sight stone."

If you can relate to any of those, here's your slap of reality, and how to get out of that hole. First of all-

Yes, I said it, It is. Not only do you have to look out for yourself, you have to look out for your ADC too. That means shielding them, healing them, warding for them. Utilizing and securing kills for them. Helping them get away. And helping trades go well. Every player I have met that says, "Support is too easy, you don't do anything." Is the worst support ever. So lets learn how to do all of these things and not be that person.

Who to pick: First of all, If you are stuck with support in a ranked game. Don't ever try your "Teemo/Garen/Ahri/Fiddlesticks support" thing or, whatever crap that will be. Don't play the champion you wanted to play for the lane you didn't get, as a support. You WILL lose.

Here are some novice skill level viable supports in this meta: Braum, Janna, Soraka, and Morgana.
All supports are good supports, but these don't require too much thought into the wombo combo. Janna Morgana and Soraka are fairly cheap champs. Especially Soraka. They're easy to learn, and easiest to "master"

Adept supports viable in this meta: Nami, Blitzcrank, Leona, Alistar, Bard, and Sona.
These supports take a little more time to get the hang of, but the payout is great because they have a stun that isn't a passive. They're the "Easy to learn, hard to master." Category.

Advanced supports viable in this meta: Tham Kench, Lulu, Zillean, Thresh, Illaoi, Nasus, Nautilus, Shen, Karma, Brand, and Lux.
  • Tham Kench is an easy champion to learn for his top lane capabilities. But few understand his mechanics for a support. Even though that's what he's designed as. Because of his complexity this is why he's an advanced pick.
  • Illaoi in in a similar position as to why shes placed in advanced as Tham Kench. Her utility is much better off in top lane where she belongs. But because her E can make it easy for the ADC to do damage to the enemies at a safe distance. As well the massive damage Illaoi  brings to the table, this is why she's an advanced supp.Same applies for Shen and Nasus.
  • Lulu, Zillean, Karma, Brand and Lux, are all champions that are strongest in the mid lane. To be able to be a good support with these champions, you must master their mechanics for 1v1 in the mid lane. Afterwards, you must ensue the mentality that the safety of your ADC is more important than if you get a kill at the cost of their life. In the case of Zillean, you need to remember to save your ult for the ADC, not yourself. As for Karma, it's very difficult to get your abilities off with the copious amounts of commotion in bot lane. 
  •  Thresh and Nautilus have far more complex hooking mechanics then Blitzcrank. If you want to start trying out hook champions, please get your bearings with Blitz before you try these two.
 There are other support possibilities out there, but this is just a taste of who to play to ensure a happy team.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Don't you trust me? To teach you how to play Ahri?

Pop Star Ahri Splash Art
Ahri is probably the first mid laner champion that I SUCCESSFULLY learned how to play. (Ryze what is with you and your pizza feet, and... Everything.) Reasons for that is I'm not really the greatest at short ranged champions. In fact I believe that if I win lane on a champion with less than 700 range, it was solely luck. Ahri however has just enough range for you to avoid the enemy. And enough movement speed to get away, or go after them. Even though Ahri's lore may deem her a little, seductive. Who cares? Shes fun to play and they make the best skins for her. So lets get started!
Left: Blue Normal Orb. Right: Green orb that means passive is ready. (Fox Fire Skin)
Passive: Essence Theft- By having your damaging spells hit enemies (Can be minions, monsters, or champs) You gain a stack. Spells can only get 3 stacks, even if you hit 6 enemies. Orb of deception is the most reliable thing for getting stacks, as it usually hits the most DIFFERENT enemies, and Foxfire can sometimes only hit one or two. When you have 9 stacks, you get additional life-steal based on your AP, and how many enemies you hit. There is no cap for this. So if you get 9 stacks, it's best to use Orb of Deception on a full minion wave, and the enemy champ if you can.
Fully extended Orb of Deception (Classic Skin)
Q: Orb of Deception- Yes, Ahri is one of those champs that you max Q first. You also get this first. I explained the passive benefits of this spell previously, but in terms of attacking. The deception is that's a boomerang skill-shot that does magic damage on the way out, and true damage on the way back in. (True damage ignores all armor and magic resist, like ignite.) Boomerang spells are very uncommon, and the true damage aspect if why it gets it name. However, unless you're playing against a noob (or people who know nothing about champs who play in other lanes) You won't be deceiving anyone for very long. As people are generally pretty aware of their health bars. However. In team-fights, people may not realize your extended orb, and may be low enough health for it to take them out. When you're being chased, always throw your orb behind you. While your orb is out, you get a little bit of movement speed to position yourself for the or to hit them the second time. Or, this can help you get away, and possibly do enough damage to scare, or even be able to turn on your enemies. {As well the orb if it hits twice, counts as two hits on thunderlords}
Ahri with her Foxfires surrounding her (Classic Skin)
If you want all the foxfires to hit one enemy immediately, they must be in the middle of the ven-diagram.
W: Foxfires- Probably the least important out of her spells. As they have shorter range then your other spells. Get it third and max it out last. This makes three fires surround you and shoot at nearby enemies, prioritizing champions. Use this when enemies are cutting their stay way too close. Or, right when you Charm someone, throw out your foxfire's as well as your Q.

Tip: Banshees Veil will only protect your enemies from one fox fire, not the other two.
A Charm about to hit a Master Yi (Challenger Skin)
E: Charm- This is a normal direct line skill shot. When in lane, try your best to always save enough mana to do Charm, Foxfire, and Orb of Deception at the same time. If you can land a charm on someone and follow through with your other abilities, you can easily knock off at-least half their health. It can be better than a stun, because it makes your enemies walk towards you while their helpless. So if they're sitting under tower, you can get your team just enough closeness to dump on them. Or, you could even dump on them. If you have the mana are are being chased, you can get a clear hit with this as well.
Middle of a spirit rush dash (Challenger Skin)
R: Spirit Rush- I love this ult, and this is where a lot of mobility comes in. It's three flashes + damage. The only downside, is that you don't disappear as you dart, so it's not a mystery where you're headed. (On the note of damage, I remember playing a game where the enemy team was swearing. Because I used my ult to get a triple kill because they weren't aware that the ult does damage. With a dash(each dash moves you 450 units), you fire three bolts that prioritizes champions. The bolts do 70/110/150 +(30% AP) damage. You can do this three times. So no, it doesn't do a lot. However, use it to advance and escape. Remember, you don't have to do all three at once.

If this ability hits the maximum amount of target champions each time, (3 bolts per dash) It will do a total damage of 630/990/1350 + (270% AP) Magic damage.

Tip: While Ahri's abilities may seem linear, they are most powerful in a triangular stance. Most people will move to the sides rather than away to avoid the second coming of your Orb. some so that the angle will hit them twice. As well when ulting, most formations work like a triangle.

Spell sequence: In normal poking, you'll throw your Q out as many times as you can to hit enemies. Once you hit level 2, you get your E. Try not to use your Q anymore unless you can land your E, or you have full mana. When you have your abilities standard poking goes; E, W, Q, Skirt around enemies and use your movement speed to dodge their attacks.

Basically: E, W, Q, *move* E, W, Q *move*

Ulting: Usually you don't throw your ult in, unless you're going in for the kill. (Or trying to get away.) (Reminder it wont save you from Zeds ult. Only a zhonyas will.) If you're going in to do some heavy damage or kill, ult once, not directly on them, but at a slight angle where minions aren't in the way. Use your e to reel them in. W, and then Q. Ult again, this time go on the other side of them. Throw out whatever spells you can, but if you can get a clear shot, go for the pattern again. Save the last dash to finish them off. Or get away.

Basically: R, E, Q, W, *pause* R, Q, W, E, (Q again if you can) R (to finish if they arent already dead) (Or to escape)

Reminder, your ult can go through certain units, such as thin walls. I even stole a baron once, and ulted beck out to survive. Use this to your advantage. If theirs three enemies on the other side of a wall, but one is 200 health, ult in there, throw out some abilities, ult again to confuse them, then ult back over the wall to get away. You probably killed them.

The Turret Dive Survive: This is a move i'm known for. At level 6-8 laning, if you can widdle your opponent down do 200 health or less, and they don't have CC accessible to them. This is the time. Between lane turrets 3 and 2, there are two openings. Go as close to the turret as you can, if you cant charm them out, it's time for the dive. You must be half health or more. Ult once, next to them, opposing where you'll escape. If you can charm, why not. Ult again, this time close to the side you'll escape. Throw out your Q behind you, in your enemies direction. Ult one more time out the opening to escape. And there you go you probably killed them with 200-300 health to spare. Time to back as quickly as you can.

This is not mine (as mine would not be so sloppy.) But this video shows an example on where you would ult if you want to survive a turret dive kill.

Where as THIS, is why you DONT turret dive people who have crowd control.

Threats: Leblanc and Zed can be great threats to you. If you're against Le Blanc, get an abysall scepter first. Zhonyas to take care of Zed. Unfortunately, Leblanc, Vladimir, Kassadin, Lulu, and Malazar- You cant even try to fight them, unless they're super bad. You need to play extreme passive and get magic resist. Do nothing but try to farm and avoid trades. Though they may try to C.S. Deny you.

Items: The first item most people build is Morellonomicon. If you're mana struggling, against an AP champion, but aren't fully dominating though, look into a Chalice of harmony and build that out. Other good items are Ludens Echo, Rabadons Death Cap, Void staff, Guardian Angel, Sorceress shoes {Or in weird situations, Mercury Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity) Banshees Veil, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Monday, January 4, 2016

How to Ashe

Yep, as you can tell I'm going on a roll with guides on my favorite champions to play! Lets get started!

Why I love to play Ashe: Simplicity. People may argue, SHES NOT A SIMPLE CHAMPION. Okay yeah, easy to learn, hard to master. I cant tell you how much it annoyed me watching people not wait for their five stacks to use their Q before the update where now you have to wait. But. She's a clean champion where you don't have to think about weird abilities like Jinxes chompers, or Caitlin traps. Her auto attacks slightly slow people, and if they critically strike the slow is increased. Making her great for kiting people. So if the enemy side is playing offensive, you'll win every trade. (Plus is feels sooo great to snipe people away. Your team will love you if you can kill off someone from their lane that got away.)

Ashe is the BEST pick for getting into ADC's. Shes cheap at only 450IP (So pretty much 2-4 won games). Simple mechanics, and if you find you like to play her a lot, she has a lot of skins and you'll be bound to like one.

Official Information Link Here
Q: Rangers Focus- I am sooo happy that they changed it. Now you only need 4 consecutive auto attacks to have it ready. As well, you can't use it unless you have it ready, so for beginners this is great {Because now you cant make the mistake of setting it off early and not doing as much damage.) This ability gives you 20/25/30/35/40% attack speed. Each flurry can individually critically strike. Max this out first, but get this second. This is used to hard engage or kite. Neither you do at level 1.
Image result for ashe w ability
W: Volley- I love this ability. Best poking machine. This fires 9 arrows in a cone, each doing 20/35/50/65/80 +(100% AD) Enemies can only get hurt by 1 arrow, but can block more. This has more range than your auto attacks. So if someone is sitting under their tower at 100 health and you're below level 6, you can use your volley to kill them if aimed correctly. Get this ability first.

Tip: Your volley resets your auto attack. If you're in a good position level one, auto attack an enemy champion and volley them. You wont have to wait for your attack speed and animation and will immediately attack them again.

E: Hawkshot- If your team has lots of map awareness, their jungler is afk, or your team has good communication. Then level this ability up after level 6, and make your Q and W stronger. Throw this any place on the map and you'll be granted slight vision as it travels, and full vision at its destination for 5 seconds. It cost no mana, but takes time to charge. Holds 2 charges at once.

Tip: This is something I see beginners do all the time and it's aggravating if they're on your team, but hilarious if they're on the enemy team. THIS DOES NO DAMAGE. So stop throwing birds in my face if i'm right in front of you! ≧◡≦ Even if you think this might "Distract your enemy." You're wrong, it rarely does. Unless you're distracting them by having them laugh so hard.

Tip: Use this ability to line up an ult. But don't be stupid. If your intention is to kill your low health target rather then stun them, they will be on HIGH GUARD. They don't know you have vision, but they can see your bird fly and explode. They might leave the area if they see your bird, and you wont get the kill. 

Warning: Since enemies can see the bird fly over their heads and explode, be very careful using this if stealth is whats keeping you alive. Enemies can find your direction from where the bird came. If enemies see it where it came from. You can blow off your entire teams plan.

R: Enchanted Crystal Arrow- This ultimate is similar to Jinx's all board ult. Only rather then doing a percentile damage, it has a flat damage rate of 250/425/600 +(100% Ability Power) And will stun up to 3.5 seconds the longer it travels. Use this to take out an enemy at 230 health or less (as you have to consider health regain in the time it fires.) Or use this to stun someone for a team-fight, or a gank, in your lane, or someone else. But yes, surrounding enemies take half dammage. Take this funny video for example.

Tip: at level 6-9 always check on the other lanes enemy health to see if you can catch stragglers, get your teammates out of a bad trade, or save a failed gank. 

Tip: Some champions can do massive amount of damage unless they're interrupted. And not all forms of CC count as an interruption. Most interruption spells put you at harm of being in their path. For example Miss Fortunes Ultimate is an area of effect damage, and wont stop unless she moves, is killed, or interrupted. Try to fire your ult at her if she does hers. You could save your team.

Since she isn't ability power based, I wont need to go in too much detail on ability sequence. But here's a basic poking one: Auto attack, (W) Auto Attack, (Kite the next two auto attacks), Q (auto attack and chase)

Core items for Ashe are Infinity Edge and Bezerkers Greaves. Other helpful items are: Runans Hurricane, Blade of the Ruined King, Blood Thirster, Lord Dominick's Regards, Guardian Angel, and Mercurial Shimitar.

Supports that work well with Ashe are: Morgana, Blitzcrank, Soraka, Alistair and Leona.

Cosmetically my two favorite Ashe skins are Heartseeker and Marauder.


Lux is by far one of the most underestimated champions in League of Legends. With the way the current meta is, if you so anything along the lines of shielding, healing, or crowd control, and you don't rapidly scale in attack damage; You're labeled as a support. Which leads to very many deceptions. I once tried to play Lux as a support and failed miserably. I felt like it was impossible to get other people off my back.

But *cough cough* what we forget about Lux is that its even in her main description that shes a mage. And if you've ever been against a Lux mage, you learn true pain.


Since my recording software seems to make my game crash, Ill give you this as an example. To show just how powerful she can be.

Why I love to play Lux: She is deceptive in her abilities, and has a build in Sheen {Auto attacking after using one of her damaging abilities with the next 6 seconds does additional damage to enemies.}as her passive. This I love to utilize because in early lane because I love to throw in as many auto attacks as I can when midlaning. Almost every champion that doesn't have flash like abilities {Yi, Kassadin, are examples of those who do.} Is helpless early game.

Q: Light Binding- Lux is one of the champions that you don't max out q first on. This ability is a binding spell that targets two enemy champions in a row, and is a linear skill shot. I like this binding because it's forgiving to minions. So you still have the opportunity to bind your enemy even if there behind a minion line.

W: Prismatic Barrier- This ability you max out last, but you may want some extra points in if you're playing passively to get gold when in a hard counter mid-lane. Or if you're supporting and want to keep your ADC safe. This is the only ability that doesn't use her passive. It's a boomerang skill-shot {Like Ahri's Q} Effecting every thing in it's path. Only instead of damaging enemies, it shields allied champions (and yourself) on the way out, and on the way back. Make sure you use this as much as you can on as many people you can in team-fights. 

E: Lucent singularity- This ability you max out first. You want to use this the most, but it drains mana rapidly. At full level, it does 130 mana, that's even more than your ult! It's also a skill-shot, but is easier and more consistent because it's like Soraka's Q, you can choose exactly where you want it to go in it's radius. As well it's also area of effect, {and its a very wide one mind you. There is a one second delay before it gets to where you want it though. So think about where your enemy is moving before you fire. As well you want to recast it immediately after you cast it for it to snap and do damage. {no averagely smart person is gonna walk in that once they realize you cast it and it can hurt them.} Use it often in early laning, But always keep enough mana for your Q encase an enemy gank comes. 

R: Final Spark- At level one this ability does 300 magic damage. Plus, a percentage of your ability power(75). Not only that but it has massive range. It might not be an all across board ult, but its range is 3340, and affects the entire area of damage in less than a second of charge. As well it will do additional damage if any of the enemies have your passive on them. If they're still alive after, the passive will still be there. 

Ability sequence: Early game(0-8:00)- For you to establish dominance over early lane, you need to utilize her passive as much as you can. When you E them, make sure you're close enough to throw in an auto attack soon after without having to chase them down. Don't chase them to the point where you're getting hit by their minions just for an auto attack. When you get your q, try to get them stuck and auto attack them before you use your e on them. 

This is my laning sequence: Q, E(fire), Auto attack, E(Snap), Auto attack. 
For some additional cover, throw out your W when you have the chance.
If you have enough cool down reduction, repeat the sequence if you can. If you can get another Q out, but would sacrifice the last auto attack, do so.

Some people I hear like to use their ultimate very early in their sequence once they get it. The downsides to this is that if you couldn't finish them off and they ran away, it might not yet be ready for you to finish them. If you choose to do this though, this is how it should go.

Q, E(fire), R(ult), Auto Attack, E(snap), Auto attack, Q, E(fire), Auto Attack, E(snap)

If you have to, begin the sequence with W to slow your enemy and make it easier to q, snare them. If against someone like an ADC, after your first q, back up a bit and throw your W (shield) out. 

Team fighting: In team fighting its hard your you to hone down on one person and sequence correctly. Since your Q only keeps people in place, try to aim it at their tanks and melee champions so that your ranged team members can start nuking them down. Throw your W out often when they're on top of your team, and try to have it touch as many members as possible. Team fights can sometimes start in clusters, and if they do, use your e first, snap it, and ult straight after. It has such a good cool down that {with 45% cool down reduction) it can be up in about 25 seconds. Just in time for you to use it again to snag those kills. So again, your E is your best asset, especially in teamfights. Use your ult when the enemy adc or carry is locked down.

Items: Starting items are your traditional made get up (dorans ring, 2 health potions, warding trinket) Playing as a supp get spelltheifs edge, and build to frost queens claim. If you're a midlaner against an AP champion, you might want your first item to be a chalice of harmony, and built into an Athens Unholy Grail. This will solve your early mana problems, give you some magic resist, and when it's fully built, some ability power. 

I've seen many people get instead the Dark Seal, and evolve it into a Mejai's Soul Stealer. Don't. Lux has little escape. One small mistake from anyone on your team in a team fight and half of it's power is chunked out. You'll fall off your power really fast. Besides, it's not even the highest ability granting power item in the game. 

Other items you can get are: Rabadons Death Cap, Void Staff, Archangels Staff, Nashors Tooth, Sorcerers Shoes, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Runans Hurricane, Liandrys Torment, and Ludens Echo.

Well thanks for reading my guide, and of course my favorite skin is Star Guardian Lux. (Gotta kill them with the power of friendship!)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tandem Mode

This was an idea that my boyfriend had brought to me, and I thought it would make GREAT thing to try, and that it would be entertaining as well. Unfortunately my computer is taking a dump with recording, so i'll have to tell you about how it went.

First off, what is playing Tandem? Well, ever heard of a tandem bike? You know, a bike with two seats and two pedals, but only one steering wheel. Well it's like that, only its on a computer and it's much more difficult.

Traditionally if you're right handed, your left fingers are on the QWER buttons, and your right hand controls your mouse. {Left hand: Abilities, going back to base, Summoners Spells.} {Right hand: Leveling up abilities, panning camera, aiming, walking, and auto attacking.} When playing Tandem however, only person works the keys, and someone else the mouse.

Before I talk about the experience with David and I, I'll talk about where he got this idea from. The match was about 30 minutes, but, this video will just go over the highlights. {If you couldn't tell already, the "All-Star" series. Is the equivalent to top members of the NFL nationwide {only this is worldwide}, all coming together to play backyard games of football in ridiculous ways such as; Blindfolded, Three Legged, all Offensive, all Defensive, and with their hands tied. All for the sheer enjoyment of their fans.

Playing in Tandem requires both of you to have a lot of skill with that champion, and for you to have good communication. It's best that when playing this way, you pick a champion who doesn't do a lot of skill shots. {Abilities that you aim, and can be blocked by just about anything, and thus wasted.} It was said that team ice was handicapping themselves, playing such difficult champions, on this mode. And in a way from the first fight, they were right. However, within just few minutes their communication game went up, and they landed skill shot, after skill shot, after skill shot. {I cannot say David and I were so lucky.}

Now as for, my experience. David suggested we play Lucian in an AI game to start with. Not a bad choice, considering Lucian was the second marksmen I learned to play. And it went so well, I figured lets take it to the next level. Lets play Syndra in a PvP game tandem style.

I wish I could show you how bad that went. Considering Syndras kit is all skill shots apart from her ultimate. We debated to much he flat out took the computer away from me (even though i'm a better Syndra player than him.) But a lesson is learned. Never play Tandem mode unless you're in a custom game with a bunch of friends and they're playing like that too.

Monday, December 14, 2015

All Stars: One for All Blitzcrank

Well, I haven’t really played ranked in a long time. I have but, once in a very short while. In my life there is a LOT of stressful things. (Cracks in my apartment walls making water leak down. Ceilings cracking. Mag flies have infested my studio space because my instructor has a monster tomato plant next to it which they’re harboring on. Group projects where no one does their work. College application malfunctions.) But I doubt you really want to hear about it. None the less, with all of those things, ranked would be the cherry topper. As it is my significant other thinks that if we duo queue together we are bound to lose. {Okay yes we have lost. A lot.} The good thing is, I don’t have to play ranked, because everybody else is.

I honestly wish that ranked was as fun as these all star matches going on right now. Just being able to play and have fun. Unfortunately though everybody thinks that they need to be the best like this is pokemon or something. However, the Blitzcrank match. Any ranked player who doesn’t know these guys are professionals, would be FURIOUS. First of all, because almost all ranked players don’t know how to play support, and therefore wouldn’t even know what to do with Blitzcrank. Second, because “It’s not the meta report for playing non op champ.” Well news for you, but this is a game! Anyway for those who don’t know heres some info on what a Blitzcrank is.
    -One of the first champs at the games launch.
    -First, and was he only for a few years, “Hook” champion. This means they have a mechanic where one of their abilities involving a skill shot {Something you have to aim manually and can be blocked by minions or other monsters and champs.} Which grabs an enemy, and stuns them as they’re being pulled back to you.
    -Has a knock up mechanic. {Where the enemy is immobilized, but is a melee knockup.}

    Now i’m not going to lie, this match was INSANE, and I don’t think I would ever do it anytime soon. {Well even if I wanted to one for all isn't an option right now.} A big factor matters on who can hook who under their tower, so it matters so much on minon positioning. But is very hard to do because blitzcrank doesn't really kill minions easy. It was pretty much impossible to siege turrets, and because the one lone Blitz on team fire had devouror {a high build jungle item} That they were able to take the baron nashor, and have minions take the game.